Fighters Trained by Lester Griffin, Sifu


Steve Shelburn - 'Iron Dog'
Jim Abrill - 'Dog Jim'
Alan Wisler - 'Dog Alan'
Dennis Hall - 'Dog Dennis'
Fred Martinez - 'Dog Fred'
Michael Mangini - two fights
Steve Sanford - one fight
Roger Platt - one fight
Dan Kisner - one fight

Gene Hughes - 'Dog Gene' (deceased)

Candidate Dogs have attended 2 or three Gatherings.
Dogs have attended three to five Gatherings.
Nick-named Dogs have attended at least five Gatherings (Official Dog Brother).

To achieve one of these you must have the right attitude!


Jim Abrille - KOTC
Cory Cass - Cory has fought in Gladiator Challenge, Total Combat, Cobra Challenge, King of the Cage and New United Fighting Association Lightweight Champ.
Josh Hoag - KOTC
Michael Welty - KOTC
Chris Lair - KOTC
Bernardo - Cobra Challenge
Don Campbell - 2 underground fights "smkokers"
Paul Webb - 2 underground fights "smkokers"

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