Lester's Philosophy

In order to train people to become complete fighters and operate at the highest level possible, we draw from the best available arts and training methods. For kicking, we draw from the arts of SAVATE (French Kickboxing) and MUAY THAI (Thai Kickboxing).

For punching, we draw from WESTERN BOXING. It seems to be common sense that no one punches harder or more effectively than BOXERS. It is a science. By utilizing Western Boxing training methods and techniques, we can create people who learn proper body mechanics and footwork in order to hit as powerfully as their body weight will allow.

Close quarter or Trapping Range is where most street fights occur and it is probably the most neglected area of Martial Arts training. We spend a lot of time familiarizing students with this range so that if they ever do have to defend themselves, they will be comfortable at close quarters.

Many street fights end up on the ground, If you do not train regularly on the ground against a resisting opponent then your self defense skills are seriously compromised. We draw heavily from the art of BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU, JUDO, SAMBO, DUMOG (Filipino Grappling), and GRECO ROMAN. For our ground fighting here at the Griffin Martial Arts Academy, we are proud members of the Dog Brother Grappling Association with Machado Affiliates (The Gracie's Cousins).

Finally, there Is the subject of knives and weapons. These types of instruments are becoming increasingly more common place for street assaults. We choose to draw from a system which is designed first and foremost for bladed weapons. The Filipino Martial of KALI has been used successfully for the last four hundred years. This is the art we utilize at this Academy.

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