Griffin Fighting Systems Ranking


Matt Cyhan
Toshina Cyhan
Don Campbell

Eric Nord

Apprentice Instructor
Steve Shelburn
Karl Williams - M.I.A.
Ralph Henry

Debbie Souza - WY
Lee Wright
John Robinson - Apprentice

Apprentice Instructor Level II
Natalie Patton - Hemet, CA
Dennis Hall

Jim Abrille - Brown Belt Level I
Michael Welty - Purple Belt Level I
- M.I.A.
Cory Cass - Purple Belt
Eric Nord -Purple Belt
Don Campbell - Blue Belt

Alan Wisler - Blue Belt Level III
Cory Cass - Blue Belt Level I
Karl Williams - Blue Belt Level I
- M.I.A.
Javier Casio - Blue Belt Level I
- M.I.A.
Steve Walstrom - Blue belt Level I
Eric Nord - Blue Belt Level III

Instructor Level I
Cezar Garcia
Steve Shelburn

Apprentice Instructor Level I
Jim Abrille, Jun Fan JKD - Atlanta, GA
Dennis Hall, Jun Fan JKD – Orange County, CA
Mike Tibbitts, Jun Fan JKD - Hawaii
Steve Shelburn, Jun Fan JKD – Modesto, CA
Debbie Souza, WY

Apprentice Instructor Level III
Alan Wisler, Jun Fan JKD - Hemet, CA.

"You must put in the fight time to get through the fight time," - Lester Griffin

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