Academy Rules

1. All Instructors, at all times, shall be referred to as "Sifu" (Chinese for Instructor), or Guro (Filipino for Instructor), or Sir or Ma'am.

2. Pay repsects every time you enter and leave the work area.

3. No profanity or loud, aggressive behavior will be tolerated. Attitude is very important!

4. No gum chewing, food, etc. is allowed in the classroom.

5. There will be no stret fighting allowed while enrolled in this Academy: accept for moments of survival.

6. In all classes, you must wear the Academy uniform (Academy shirt and black sweat pants or shorts). To be eligible to test for your next phase patches and bars must be displayed on sashes, according to rank.

7. Make sure your uniform is clean: including your shoes. Do not wear torn or soiled garments to class.

8. You must keep your finger and toe nails short to prevent injury to other students.

9. Jewelry should not be worn ofr the safety of all students.

10. Absolutely, no un-authorized teaching of what you do here. You will recieve your rank and could be terminated. Instructors mustbe certified to teach!

11. NO sparring without any supervision from an Instructor and then only with proper equipment.

12. Private lessons if needing to be cancelled, will require a 24 hour notice to re-schedule, or you will forfeit your lesson.

13. Respect should always be shown to the Instructor, as well as other class members, at all times.

14. When the Instructor is teaching, it is mandatory that he or she have the attention of all students. Talking to fellow students at the same time as the instructor is talking is will be limited.

15. Regardless of attendence, you will be charged for the current month.

16. You will not go to other schools or gyms and show off!

17. You will not teach without the Head Instructor's permission.

18. All students are on probation regardless of rank.

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