What People Say

Gladiator Magazine May 2007

"She pointed a gun right at my head and I used the Snake Dis-Arm to take it away and save my life!"
Stephanie Campbell 2006

"Lester Griffin (Surf Dog) has fought in over 30 Dog Brother stick fights, is one of the original Dog Brother’s, one of 12 and made Dog Brother in 1993!!"

“I learned more in 1 month at Griffin Martial Arts Academy than 6 months at the Gracie’s.” Michael Welty.

“Lester’s kickboxing tapes are great!” Tito Ortez (UFC Champ).

“Lester kickboxing tapes are the most interesting tapes I’ve watched.” Fabino, IHA (UFC Veteran).

“Lester’s tapes are the Best! Quality is superb!” Dave Tice (American Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt).

“Lester’s tapes are outstanding, very informative and a must for every martial arts enthusiast.” Ted Payne (Paroll Officer).

“You showed too many of our secret drills.” Marc Denny, Chief Instructor Dog Brother Martial Arts.

“I’ve taken Health Club Kickboxing and Lester’s kickboxing programs are superior, you can actually get certified to teach and be recognized.”
Magen Mendoza, Miss San Jacinto California 2005.

I bought your JKD DVD, it's the best JKD DVD out of all I've seen. All I can say is wow nice job! You do such a good job covering the material I'm gonna buy all your DVDs. You make 'em, I'll buy them. You're one of the best teachers out there. You make it so easy to learn new arts like Savate. keep up the good work. Keep it real & keep on keepin' on. Don Owen.

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